Talent is more than just software. Talent is an integrated approach to finding, developing and retaining the staff that you want. It is a coherent set of measurable actions linked to your business strategy. 

Depending on where you are in the development of your Talent Strategy, we will work with you to ensure that your processes are aligned, that your managers are engaged in the process and that your people reap the rewards of your approach.

Talent Strategy

If you are at the early stages of developing your strategy, we will work with you to develop your thinking and approach on a range of processes, behaviours and enabling policies covering selection, development, retention and succession. We will also pose a number of questions which HR and the business need to answer together such as:

  • Do we have a clear view of Talent?
  • Where do we invest our development budget?
  • Do we clearly identify people who have the potential to become managers?
  • Do we openly communicate that a talent pool exists?
  • How do we handle conversations with people who are not in the pool?
  • Do people in the pool understand what it means for them?

Recruitment and Selection

We will work with you to identify how best to attract the talent you need for your business to flourish and to develop your managers so that they hire the right staff. We will also work with you to establish the processes and metrics that will create a pool of talent for existing and future roles.

Talent Identification

We have extensive experience of working with organisations to identify future talent as well as critical leadership talent. Using a range of approaches including:

  • Ability Testing
  • Personality Profiling
  • Simulations
  • Interviews; and
  • Case Studies

We identify the talent pools that will form the basis for you future leadership populations. Critically, we also work with you to ensure that those who are not selected, remain engaged and positive about the experience.

Talent Development

Developing people at all levels of the organisation has been the sole purpose of hpc for more than 30 years. We have extensive experience of working with Talent pools. For some of our clients, this means designing an overall Talent Development Programme. For others, this means providing a specific module to support an internally delivered Talent Programme. Regardless of the scenario, hpc’s coaches and facilitators who can work with you to develop the talent across your organisation.

Retention and Succession

One of the most significant issues facing business today is talent shortage. Leadership talent has been identified as the critical factor causing this issue. Despite a growing number of organisations actively assessing, managing and developing their talent, this issue is persisting. The organisational processes being applied are not impacting the issue significantly.

Part of the reason for this stems from the one-way nature of many talent processes. Talent processes are often “done to” staff rather than “with” staff. As a result, they don’t take account of individuals’ desires and expectations in terms of career development, or the extent of their personal ambition. In many cases the results of processes are not shared which can leave staff, confused, unsure, and disengaged.

The hpc Talent Validation process shifts the focus from process to engaging the business in a profound conversation about the gap between the leaders they have and the leaders they want. But this conversation is not just between hpc and the business. It works by having a conversation between hpc, the business and its staff.

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