“Leadership has many voices. You need to be who you are, not try to emulate someone else.”
Jack Welch

Fostering authentic and accountable leadership as part of a culture of high performance.


One of the hallmarks of a high performance culture is its vision of leadership. We believe that people lead at all levels by taking responsibility for themselves, their role and their results. This philosophy is reflected in every programme we offer.

We also believe that the nature of leadership changes the more senior an individual becomes in an organisation. At a senior leadership level, our approach is based on leaders creating a climate based on Authenticity, Autonomy and Accountability. This approach gives leaders the confidence to establish and maintain the standard for performance while inspiring the teams around them and the wider organisation.

Working with both senior managers and intact senior leadership teams, our bespoke solutions are built around working with people at an individual level or working systemically with a new or intact team to harness their potential and leverage their collective impact. Our solutions are built around two programme types.


We design our programmes on a bespoke basis, following consultation to understand the culture, values and strategic priorities for the organisation.

Our approach to Leadership Development typically involves deep personal reflection, peer reviews, coach support, and where appropriate, 360 degree feedback, personality profiles and 1:1 coaching.

Authentic leadership development for Senior Leaders

This leadership programme focuses on developing personal accountability and a positive mind-set, in an approach which taps into the individual’s values & beliefs. We then work on developing the more strategic elements of leadership, for example:

  • Understanding your leadership journey and its impact on leadership style
  • Increasing self-awareness and the neuroscience of personal growth
  • Team alignment around a coherent purpose, strategy and standards
  • Influencing, persuasion and collaboration
  • Coaching as a leadership style
  • High Performance Conversations as foundation of a culture of high performance

Leadership development with intact teams

Typically we work with divisional/functional leadership teams or top leadership teams, which are often at different stages of development, collaboration and performance. The hpc team works with a client CEO or Head of Function to identify core needs before designing a bespoke approach to improve organisational performance through a high performing leadership.

Our solutions range from developing and communicating a clear purpose, vision and strategy; defining and modelling a clear set of leadership behaviours; and building a more collaborative culture - or any combination of these.


Leaders with a clear sense of personal direction, heightened self-awareness and the ability to translate their vision into a personal leadership development plan. Leaders who can foster authentic strong working relationships with their followers, in an atmosphere of trust and transparency. A culture of high performance where standards are set and maintained by leaders through collaboration, clarity and shared accountability.

Course was extremely beneficial and well executed. The bulk of the content is even more beneficial in the current working environment.

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