Graduate Development

Bespoke programmes to engage and develop your graduate recruits.

Attracting and retaining key talent

Attracting the best graduates is a fundamental part of recruitment strategy, and retaining them is key to growth.

Graduates are the customers, employees and investors of the future and many organisations include graduate programmes within broader business strategies that provide for a pipeline of future staffing.

In today’s market, recruiters are challenged to consider the needs of ‘Generation Y’ otherwise known as the ‘Millennial Generation’. This is a generation for whom changing jobs is an expectation as they take a long term view of learning as lifelong, and change as positive. As this new generation of graduates is more mobile, what can companies do to ensure that they retain top talent?

At hpc we work directly with HR and graduate recruitment teams to help graduates make the transition from university to work and to ensure that our clients derive real value from their programmes.

Key programme elements

Our graduate development programme is based on four key processes:

• Developing critical business skills among graduates to facilitate the transition from university

• Inducting graduates into the organisational culture; vision & mission

• Embedding a mentoring process to ensure graduates remain engaged with the business

• Co-designing development interventions to identify future talent

Click here to read about one of our Graduate Programmes designed to support graduate embedding and growth.

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