Too often organisations seeking to deliver transformations come unstuck by rigid hierarchical structures or a culture that is resistant to Change. Our philosophy on Change is that it is led and delivered by people whose mind set and behaviours will determine its success.


With this philosophy in mind we design highly bespoke Change Programmes reflecting our clients’ context, culture and organisational goals.

Our Change programmes operate at three levels:

• For Leaders charged with leading Change

• For Individuals landed with having to cope with Change

• For entire organisations – seeking to introduce organisation-wide Behavioural Change

Leading Change

Our bespoke programmes will be tailored to fit your Change context and priorities. Typical programmes enable leaders to take responsibility for embracing Change and identify their own and other people’s reactions to Change. They will be able to overcome the psychological barriers to staying positive during major Change and apply tools and techniques to engage in real conversations that support and lead their staff on Change issues.

Thriving through Change

For individuals, Change is often thrust upon them resulting in a huge amount to deal with at a psychological and emotional level. This can lead to apathy and non-compliance, delaying and compromising a transformation. Our Thriving through Change programme provides participants with an awareness of the growing inevitably of Change in the 21st century and how to develop the Mindset and Skills to get energised and build personal capabilities to thrive into the future.

Organisational Change

Programmes developed for specific organisation-wide initiatives aimed at changing behaviours. We consult with you at a deep level to identify the drivers that will engage your people to embrace the behavioural Change you seek. Using a wide range of tools including infographics, corporate role-players, assessment tools, interactive workshops and social networks we design programmes that will have maximum impact as well as sustainable results.

​We worked with an airline to transform their approach customer service from ‘good’ to ‘great’ in an award winning programme.


Talk to us about the change programme which suits your organisational objectives and journey.

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