We deliver results through people. Our people, working with your people.

We work with a team of 17 facilitators and coaches. Each of them has come from the corporate world, from a senior role in management, operations or the technical area, and is accredited as coach, facilitator or both.

Our People

Our qualifications span a range of disciplines, from Bachelors of Commerce, Arts, Geology, Economics and Engineering, to two MBAs, two MSc in Executive Coaching, Chartered Accountancy, Languages, and a number of Postgraduate Diplomas in Training and Executive Coaching.

We also have  two published authors, one World Taekwon-Do Champion, a bass clarinet and saxophonist duo, and two high performance tri-athletes on the team.

Our people, and the varied experience they bring to the training room, combined with our belief in practical learning methodology is what sets us apart. We encourage and provide continuous professional development, for individuals and as a team. We’ve written more about our development programmes on our blog here.

We are always interested in meeting people who would relish the opportunity to work in a stimulating and highly collaborative environment. If you're a senior professional, have worked in a corporate environment and have a background in facilitating management and leadership development, we'd love to speak with you. Just email us at careers@hpcglobal.ie for a discreet and informal discussion about opportunities with hpc.

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